Special Events & Celebrations


Pretzel Rolling February 3, 2018 

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500th Anniversary Celebration of the Reformation LCMS October 2017 in East Lansing


Bus 1

 We Traveled By Bus to East Lansing


Martin Luther 

We Had Our Picture Taken With This Likness of Martin Luther



Each Church in our District was challenged to decorate a door depicting our community.

This was the door our church decorated!

Signing Door

We All Signed The Door!

It was a replica of the door of the church in Germany Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses or complaints against the Catholic Church on. This was the beginning of a monumentous religious revolution that was the start of the Lutheran Church.

Worsip Service

We attended the Worship Celebration

David Paul Britton Performing at the AuSable River Festival July 30, 2016


DPBritton-River FestMH River Fest


We invite singer and song writer David Paul Britton to perform for our community at the AuSable River Festival each summer and at our Festival of Trees in November.



Progressive Dinner in May


PDinner 1PDinner 2


PDinner 3PDinner 4


PDinner 5

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